Results Output/Outcome
Developing new or significantly improved products / technologies / services with potential to be introduced on the internal and external market by members of innovation clusters 1 innovative online system
Participating in scientific events that will lead to cooperation both within the cluster and inter-clusters Participation at min. 3 scientific manifestations
2 scientific articles published in journals that are indexed in the international database 2 articles
Create detailed profiles of cluster members where they can describe the services they provide 20
Listing 5 articles written by Phd students on 5
Publishing informative materials, listing in partner sections that will increase the capacity of innovative clusters to connect and integrate into European and international networks 3
The direct participation in the project of 20 doctors and 5 PhD students, which will lead to the increase of education both for the benefit of the patients and for the medical staff within the Cluster 20 doctors and 5 Phd students invited to join the project
Number of views and user traffic of platform in the Southeast region through online channels 3000
Web source archive regarding the open source platform on 1 archive source/ git repository
        Name of stage/activity Deadline Expected results
1. Stage1 -Analysis of requirements and defining the research theme and system specifications 31.12.2018 expected results will be filled in according to the financial request
Act. 1.1 - Analysis of national and international medical systems 30.07.2018 1 research report
Act. 1.2 - Elaboration of the innovation development research at cluster level 31.08.2018 1 research report
Act. 1.3 - Elaboration of functional and technical architecture of the innovative medical system SANINFO 31.10.2018 1 set of tech specifications
Act. 1.4 - Stage 1 Dissemination - communication and publication of national / international results 30.12.2018 1 dissemination report
2. Stage 2 - Implementation and testing innovative SANINFO system 31.12.2019 expected results will be written according to the financial request
Act. 2.1 – Establishing the hardware architecture of the hosting environment. 31.01.2019 1 set of tech specifications
Act. 2.2 – Design and develop the innovative online SANINFO system 31.04.2019 1 research report
Act. 2.3 - Testing the innovative online system SANINFO 31.07.2019 1 testing report
Act. 2.4 - Integration of all results following testing procedures 31.08.2019 1 dissemination report
Act. 2.5 – Continuous updating of the SANINFO platform. 31.10.2019 1 progress report
Acti. 2.6 - Dissemination stage 2 - communication and publication of national/international results 31.12.2019 1 dissemination report; 1 archive source/ git repository
3. Stage 3 - Developing strategies expansion in domestic markets and introduction into foreign markets with products developed by the cluster 31.03.2020 expected results will be written according to the financial request
Act 3.1 - Development of a promotional strategy 31.03.2020 2 published articles, 3000 online views on the platform; 3 external references
Activitatea 3.2 -Knowledge transfer towards cluster members and the general public nationally and internationally 31.02.2020 12 cluster members on the platform; 10 published entries of Phd students; 30 doctors and 10 Phd students involved in the project
Act.3.3 - Evaluation, report 2020 31.03.2020 1 final report